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She was The Night Wraith. 
She was the pilferer of thunder and lightning. 
She would claim the sky's shouts and battle cries, no matter the cost."

What if thunder and lightning powered parts of the world? 
In an industry plagued by slavery, how far would you go to regain your freedom? 

After the fourth world war plunged the globe into economic collapse, farming for thunder as a sustainable source of energy became an unregulated and lawless way to make a living. 

The lucrative trade is a melting pot of seafarers, thugs, and thieves. It's precisely why Vanya wants to get out of her indenture to Aleksandar, the Peregrine Clan Captain. She's only two runs away from stealing her haul and regaining her freedom, but there are so many things that can go wrong, even for the Night Wraith. 

In this high-flying, post-apocalyptic adventure in the sky, Vanya must trust her few allies with her final score or risk the loss of her liberation.

"Ryder’s melancholiac view of the future is unputdownable. Vanya is a badass heroine that readers are sure to fall for."

Shannon Dennington, Paranormal Romance Author

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