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Hit The Nail On The Head

Coming 2022

The Chip Age is here.
With It Comes Gonwangyuoku, The Rising City. 

In 2171, pain has been eradicated.


In the Chip Age, citizens of Gonwangyuoku are free to pursue their hearts’ desires without fear of disease, lasting rage, or the limitations that plagued humanity in the past - all thanks to their implanted NAIL Devices.


Hitomi Cho Ogawa has been ignoring her family legacy. But ignorance has consequences, and now the red threads binding her past and present are intertwining, thrusting her straight into The Paragon.


Candidates of The Paragon come from all over Gonwangyuoku to compete in an elite exhibition of their work for the Enclave they represent. Awaiting the winner is a chance to live out their days amongst the elite of Phượng Hoàng Quarter and celebrating their masterpieces for one full Season. But it will also give the apostates, Hitomi's crime syndicate family, an opportunity to be a part of history - As in rewriting it by dismantling their seemingly utopian society.


Hitomi doesn’t want to be in The Paragon for the most obvious reason: her grandfather created it. But she may have no choice. Chancellors are vying for control of her skills. The crime syndicate she's fallen into ranks with desperately needs her to enter. Meanwhile, others both inside and outside of The Paragon are seeking to destroy her.


Entering The Paragon is just the beginning for Hitomi as she wrestles with her NAIL, her emotions, and the past that continues to haunt her around every turn. 

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