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The Thread Method: The Neurodivergent Author's Companion Workbook and Planner

The Thread Method was developed specifically for neurodivergent authors, though it can benefit every writer. This dual blueprint workbook and planner utilizes traditional and modern resources to weave the many threads that create your literary tapestry together.

Contents include dedicated sections to:

  • The Thread Method Assessment - helping new writers establish a baseline on where to start

  • 50 in-depth, customizable outlining pages

  • Over 300 guided prompts dedicated to world-building, including magic systems, political systems, geography, history, military and rebellion groups

  • In-depth, customizable profiles and analyses for each of your characters

  • Concise pages dedicated to forming book blurbs, book synopsis, and designing your book cover

  • Independent and traditional publishing-focused checklists and tracking systems, including agent submissions and editors

  • Comprehensive pages dedicated to metadata publishing for KOBO, Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Draft2Digital

  • Marketing strategy-based tracking systems devoted to various platforms including social media to Amazon ad words

  • Hassle-free 52-week agenda

Please note: This is not a textbook. This is a creative outlet to wrangle in your thoughts and act as the template for your literary masterpiece.

Thread Method Collection

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